The: 3-6-9: Trinity Notice

A lawful remedy to unlawful acts, moving by the “superintendence” of common law (cause no wrong or trespass, by way of harm, loss, injury or fraud), with the superior intent of  “Law Common to All”: –

Love, Peace, Truth, Justice, Honour, Mercy, Forgiveness . . .  

Gratitude, Cooperation, Abundance . . . Love

A Notice of Liability is a document which, if done correctly, notifies someone that their actions may be doing a “wrong” or “trespass” (harm, loss, injury, fraud);

it notifies the potential “wrongdoer” that, unless they can prove their actions do no wrong, they need to stop and correct the situation or they become liable; 

this now places them in a bind – if they continue behaving wrongfully, they are committing the “wrong” with deliberate intent; this is “trespass”, perhaps even criminal

their continued trespass becomes proof of their own guilt, and what’s more, there is now a written record of the history of that fact.  

The: 3-6-9: is a template Notice, which, if used with proper evidence, may neutralise someone’s authority in public office where it is used to commit a wrong or trespass

in fact, the stronger the evidence, the more potent the power of “The: 3-6-9:” to expose a wrongdoer in public office, to full liability for their actions

The: 3-6-9: Trinity Notice may also establish a direct claim, which may be used in court, if the wrongdoer does not cease and desist immediately and make amends

The : 3-6-9 : utilises three separate notices, one notice each to the senior jurist in each of the three branches of government (executive, legislative, judicial), pressing the claim of trespass with strong primary evidence – this binds the three branches together in joint liability to remedy the trespass or else they each vacate their constitutional right of authority to govern;


if they fail to make remedy (and they most likely will fail to take responsibility for the trespass), then at Common Law this confers upon the “claimant” the right to seek their own lawfully-proportionate remedy to defeat the trespass and, furthermore, to claim for damages against those liable…


While a Notice of Liability is potentially a powerful document, like a bow-and-arrow, it is much more likely to find the target with a little practice; 

The common mistake people make, is that they are not using the correct “standing”;  “standing” is the lawful footing we establish, in any situation;  e.g. when at the supermarket, our “standing” is determined by whether we are a customer or an employee; depending on the answer to that question, very different sets of rules and laws come into play; 

so, unless we establish the correct “standing” at law, anything we do will be interpreted according to the “standing” we have taken;  e.g. what “standing” does the customer at the supermarket have, to complain to the manager that they don’t like the rules of employment which the employees have agreed to follow?   or, what “standing” does the employee have, to demand that a customer put on a uniform in order to shop there?

The: 3-6-9: process properly restores the lawful “standing” of any man who correctly uses The: 3-6-9:, as a: man : alive : (regardless of gender, age, race, creed, …), standing directly encloaked with the jurisdiction of: The : True : Source :of: All : – : The : Creator : fully beyond the realms of man-made “government”: 

It is this “rendering unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s”, which establishes the proper “standing” required to let the government official know that their “Master” has come before them, not just an “person” “employee”…  

It is never too late for The: 3-6-9: to take its’ effect in the hands of a : man : alive :standing in her/his true sovereign status, since no person may take lawful “standing” above that sovereign being, except by fraud or by tyranny – and there is nothing lawful about that

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The: 3-6-9: Trinity Notice:-

*  3 Notices, autographed by…

*  3 sovereign beings standing as : man : alive :made in : The : Image :of: The : Creator (a “Tribunal of Conscience”), sent to…

*  3 witnesses at Law (a “Tribunal of Lawful Review”)

with a Catalogue of Evidence exposing trespasses, possibly amounting to treason and crimes against humanity under authority of Coronavirus Act 2020,  among other legislation, codes, ordinances, etc

moving under Matthew 18:20 – “where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name, their I am in their midst” 


Notice of Liability, Cease & Desist, Repudiation of Authority with Estoppel, plus the Catalogue of Evidence

  • exposes evidence of possible treason, and crimes against humanity
  • invites the 1st Witness to review the Catalogue of: Evidence, for any wrong/trespass/harm they may be doing
  • notifies them that any trespass, wrong or harm they do against the sovereign people, is a treason,
  • invites them to blow the whistle to The Office of The Lord Chief Justice
  • informs them that any wrong they do to : man : alive :(whatever sex, gender, creed, race, faith…), automatically triggers a repudiation of their authority in office, exposing them to liability for their actions
  • autographed by 3 sovereign people standing in their superior right as: man : alive :encloaked in the jurisdiction of the Universal and Natural Law of: The : Creator;  and sent with verified copies of Notice 2 & 3, to…
  • 1st Witness at Law, the alleged wrongdoer, who is typically a member of the Executive branch of government…


Notice of request for confirmation of “superintendency” of common law (Sir Matthew Hale)

  • exposes possible treason and crimes against the superior rights of the sovereign people of the realm, being done by 1st Witness under the false guise of legislative authority;
  • invites 2nd Witness at Law to correct any unlawful behaviour of 1st Witness at Law (or become complicit)
  • autographed by 3 sovereign people, and sent with verified copies of Notice 1 & 3, to…
  • 2nd Witness at Law, typically the senior jurist in the Judicial branch of government – this is the The Office of the Lord Chief Justice, the senior judicial office at common law, the constitutionally superintendent jurisdiction at Law in England and Wales… 


Notice for request of confirmation of compatibility between UK Legislation (eg Coronavirus Act 2020, among others) and the various Article 7 of the Rome Statute, “Crimes against Humanity”

  • exposes possible crimes against humanity on a systemic scale in UK Government,
  • invites 3rd Witness at Law to correct any unlawful behaviour of 1st and 2nd witness (or become complicit)
  • autographed by 3 sovereign people, and sent with verified copies of Notices 1 & 2, to
  • the senior jurist in the Legislative branch of government which is either, for matters of national jurisdiction (e.g. abuse of power in public office) – the Office of the Attorney General, or, for matters of international jurisdiction (eg crimes against humanity) the Office of the Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, The Hague ..

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  • 2)  a free PDF copy of the complete “User Manual” is available for download below, with guided explanation, templates and instructions; it is of the utmost importance that the templates are hand-written using a “print” not “cursive” style- adjust the templates to suit your situation, and resource your own evidence of harm, wrong, trespass…

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