...Sovereignty IS the path...

If it is the Creator that set ‘reality’ in motion, and if Man is made in the image of The Creator, then who but we have Authority to set our own reality in motion?

and if we are to be sovereign beings, then it is precisely that Authority, which we must reclaim . . . and we do that by returning to the venue of the Original Jurisdiction from which flows the grant of that Authority . . . in order to restore The Contract which was broken . . . to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to restore to G-d what is G-d’s . . . . to stand once again as : man : alive : made in the image of : The : Creator . . . to Return to Eden . . . to Natural Law . . . the Law Common to : All : that : i : am …

as above. . . so below

what we let loose on earth . .  so it is in : heaven :

the heart of the matter . . . is a matter of heart

How can we see where we’re going, if we cannot see where we have come from?    

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coming soon