Family of Man Trust

back to Eden:  in peace, in love, in service to all … harming none

a private charitable initiative to restore Trust among Man (all genders), where all may come together to serve the common good, while respecting the rights of each and every one, for the benefit of every single one, invoking the

“Law Common to All” :-

Love . . . Peace, Truth, Justice, Honour, Mercy, Forgiveness . . . 

Gratitude, Co-operation, Abundance . . .  Love 

The Family of Man (Trust) Forum is a private forum any living Man (whatever gender) may join; its purpose is to provide a protected environment for people to lawfully congregate online, to share in the common goal of building a world in which everyone may wish to live in peace and harmony, with respect for one another, and for our home, this wonderful planet Earth

the central theme is to “pay it forward” – whatever benefit you receive, to share that benefit freely and without charge to at least three others in your community/family, perhaps by inviting them to join, if they so wish

imagination, energy, and respect for the essential credo of the Family of Man (Trust) – “in peace, in love, in service to all, harming none” – all within the conscience of the community itself i.e. the “law common to all” – these are the only limitations upon whatever anyone decides to bring forth within the forum; e.g.:  

  • form and organise projects with like-minded others to promote the altruistic nature of the FOM Trust
  • create discussion groups to focus upon particular interests
  • create and implement initiatives to help shape and direct the Trust for the common good
  • you decide . . .

emphasis is placed upon respectful self-expression, with a particular focus upon education and resource-sharing

any Woman or Man accepting to conduct themselves according to these values is welcome to join the FOM (Trust) Forum (membership is free), and to contribute their ideas and energy as they feel best, moving under the “law common to all”, and share in the benefit their contribution rightly deserves . . . 

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